Pandora paints L.A. pink

A new journey begins

We painted Downtown Los Angeles pink last week for an exclusive event that saw more than 400 guests from around the world join us to celebrate our new brand purpose – to empower people around the world to voice, share and celebrate their loves and passions – and the arrival of our Autumn 2019 collection.


What do you love?

Pandora’s Street of Loves was created exclusively for the event by a collective of female graffiti artists. Showing the diversity, self-expression and playfulness of each artist, the vibrant murals are the perfect expression of individuality and the unique things we each love – just like our jewellery.

Autumn Leaves

We also revealed our new Autumn 2019 collection, showcasing an empowering mix of intriguing characters and expressions in our signature metals. The collectible, hand-finished pieces let you come together in style and celebrate who you are.

Explore the new collection here.

Pandora Muses

Our cool collective of inspiring women also joined the party. Nathalie Emmanuel, Georgia May Jagger, Halima Aden, Larsen Thompson, Margaret Zhang and Tasya van Ree shared stories of the things they love and encouraged others to do the same.

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